RIDGID 22163 SR-60 SeekTech Line, Wire and Utility Underground Locator

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Ridgid 22163 Specifications:
•  Can trace any frequency from 10 Hz to 490,000 Hz
•  Can trace energized lines and sondes (beacons) simultaneously
•  Has all the ease of use and accuracy of the SR-20 but with all locatable frequencies
*  Hard plastic carrying case 

Ridgid 22163 Features:
•  SeekTech Receivers with their large display give you the information you need when you need it to locate more with greater certainty.
•  Mapping display confirms a good locate signal and identifies distortion in Target Line Guides the operator down the line and shows changes in direction.
•  Left-Right Guidance Arrows Points the operator to the target utility.
•  Proximity Signal and Signal Strength Helps the operator center the locator closer to the target for more confident locates.
•  Continuous Depth Increase productivity by showing depth changes in real time.
•  Omni-Seek Increase accuracy and efficiency when searching in passive mode.
•  Continuously searches passive power and radio bands to locate and avoid unknown metallic lines.
•  User Defined Frequencies RIDGID SeekTech receiver(more...)

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