Milwaukee 2571-20 M12 Drain Snake, 5/16" x 15' Bulb Cable, Storage Bucket

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• (1) M12 Drain Snake (Tool Only- 2571-20)
• (1) 5/16" x 25' Bulb cable w/Drum (48-53-2581)
• (1) 5 Gallon Drain Snake Storage Bucket

• Lightest professional drain line machine
• Hybrid design: Provides benefits of both handheld and floor based drain cleaners in one machine
• Drum shield: Protects user and fixture during use
• Removable inner drum: Helps prevent cable bind up and contains mess inside the drum
• Slide action cable lock mechanism
• LED light: Illuminates work area underneath sink and other dark spaces

• Length: 17"
• Weight: 10.25lbs
• LED light: Yes
• Height: 10.9"
• Width: 9.9"
• Speed: 0-500 RPM
• Capacity: 25' of 1/4" or 5/16" Inner core cable
• Tool Warranty: 5 year tool & 2 year cable
• Removable Inner Drum: Yes
• Accepts Other Brand Cables: Yes

The M12 Drain Snake is the ultimate service plumbing solution for tough jobs through 2-1/2” drain lines; and weighing only 10 lbs., it’s the lightest professional drain cleaner on the market. It’s unique, hybrid desig(more...)

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