Milwaukee 48-53-0155 M-Spector Flex 3' Inspection Camera Cable, Pivotview

Sale price$ 399.00


• 3 ft Inspection Camera Cable W/ PIVOTVIEW

• PIVOTVIEW™ Camera Head gives users 270? control with the turn of a dial, eliminating frustrations positioning the camera
• Cable attaches in four different positions allowing users to inspect in all directions
• See clearer, further with 15X brighter LED output
• 640 x 480 camera for best-in-class image quality
• 12.5mm (.49”) camera head for greater access than 17mm cameras
• Shorter camera head for tighter turns
• Flush lens prevents build-up, beveled edges reduce friction

• Cable Length: 3ft
• Camera Head Diameter: 12.55mm
• Camera Head Length: 1.375"
• LED Output: Adjustable w/ levels
• Camera Sensor: 640 x 320
• Flush Lens
• Product Weight: .9lbs

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