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Ridgid 30063 SeeSnake MicroExplorer Inspection Camera

Ridgid 30063 SeeSnake MicroExplorer Inspection Camera

  • $ 658.92

Ridgid 30063 Specifications:
• 3.5" Color LCD (320x240 pixels)
• 4 Adjustable LED's for lighting
• Li-Ion Cordless Battery

Ridgid 30063 Includes:
• MicroExplorer Camera Tool
• 3' Cable
• Lithium-Ion Battery
• Charger
• Hook, magnet and mirror attachments
• USB Cable
• Carrying Case

Ridgid 30063 Features:
• Capture images and video on SD card
• Transfer files to a computer via USB cord
• Automatic self-leveling for consistently upright picture
• Anodized aluminum camera head, scratch-resistant sapphire lens and four super bright LEDs
• Lithium-Ion battery is capable of 4 hours of continuous run time
• 3x digital zoom and image panning
• 3' cable (expandable to 30' with optional extensions)
• Waterproof camera head and cable up to 10' when properly assembled

With image and video capture capabilities, "up-is-up" self-leveling technology, pan/zoom options and the ability to expand functionality, the new microExplorer Digital Inspection Camera gives end users the ability to capture and analyze information to solve problems in hard-to-reach areas. There's (more...)

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