Ridgid 90717 Color Video Toolcase, 115V

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• 5" high resolution LCD monitor with sunshield.
• Commercial grade VCR.
• AC/DC power supply or internal rechargeable battery.
• Car Adapter.
• Audio & Video In/Out connection.
• High-impact case for maximum protection.

• Length: •18.5"
• Width: •14.5"
• Height: •8"
• Display: 1/4 VGA (320 x 240) 960 pixels horizontal
• Video Format: NTSC
• Battery Operating Time: Approximately 2.5hrs to 4.5hrs, depending on use.

The RIDGID Color Video Tool Case is a color video display, recording, and control system for all SeeSnake camera systems. The 5-inch LCD monitor screen provides a high-resolution image with less weight and lower power consumption than a standard tube monitor. An audio circuit provides high quality, distortion-free recording and playback. When recording with the built-in VCR, the audio level is automatically adjusted to provide the best sound pickup and the speaker is automatically muted to prevent feedback. The built-in speaker allows you to use the Color Video Tool Case as a playback system for on-the-spot r(more...)

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