RIDGID 23717 K-1500B Sectional Machine with C-11 Cable

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Ridgid 23717 Includes:
•  K-1500B Sectional Machine
•  A-1 Mitt
•  A-12 Pin Key
•  A-34-12 Rear Guide Hose
•  Seven Sections of 1-1/4" (C-11) Cable (105' Total)
•  (2) A-8 Cable Carriers
•  Nine Piece 1-1/4" Tool Set (Includes: T-1 Straight Auger, T-3 Funnel Auger, T-6 Retrieving Auger, A-3516 Hex Key, T-13 Sawtooth Cutter, T-50-1 Sharktooth Cutter, A-2864 Hex Key, T-8 Greaser Cutter, A-3 Tool Box)

Ridgid 23717 Features:
•  The finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. One-man can easily clean the heaviest blockages - indoors or out. High-speed cleaning gets the job done faster...better.
•  Unique, easy-to-use instant-acting cable clutch maximizes operator control: Pull handle down and cable spins at constant 710 RPM; Releasing handle frees cable instantly, no overrun to loop or break cable.
•  Wheels to the jobsite - sets-up fast, cleans-up fast.
•  Low-profile “B” frame design will fit most crawl spaces, loads and unloads from truck easily.
•  Equipped to run, easy to handle, 15-foot sections of 1-1/4" cable to clean 3" to 8" lines to 200 feet.
•  Easy clutch j(more...)

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