RIDGID 58227 Model 258-XL 8"-12" Power Pipe Cutter

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Ridgid 58227 Specifications:
•  Cutting Capacity: Model 258XL: 8"-12" schedule 10• /40 steel pipe.
•  Model 700 Power Drive RPM: 33 (no load).
•  Weight: 140 lbs. (excludes No. 700 Power Drive)

Ridgid Standard Equipment:
•  (1) RIDGID 774 Square Drive Adapter.
•  (1) 8 1/2" H-D Cutter Wheel Assembly.
•  (1) Hydraulic Ram and Foot Pump.
•  (2) 2 1/2" to 12" Ball Transfer Pipe Supports.

Ridgid 58227 Features:
•  The RIDGID 258XL offers 8"-12" diameter pipe cutting capacity.
•  Utilizing displacement type cutter wheel technology, the patented design enables larger diameter pipe to be cut to length.
•  The 258XL also uses the RIDGID 700 Power Drive to rotate the heavy-duty cutter wheel.
•  One person can easily square cut 12" schedule 40 pipe in minutes.
•  •  Use the thin cutting wheel for best results.
•  Note: For optimum wheel life properly support the work piece with standard pipe supports.

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