RIDGID 68967 SF-2500 Super Freeze - Pipe Freezing Kit

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•  Steel Pipe: 1/2" - 2"
•  Copper Tube: 1/2" - 2-1/2"
•  Compressor: 115V, 60 Hz, 4.3A or
•  Refrigerant: R-507 (14.2 oz. charge)
•  Hose Length: 8.5 ft. (17 ft. span)
•  Dimensions: L = 21" W = 10.5" H = 13"

•  (1) Pipe Freezing Kit - 115V
•  (1) 1/2"-2" Steel Pipe.
•  (1) 1/2"-2 1/2" Copper Tube.

•  SuperFreeze Pipe Freezing Tools
•  Avoid the Cost and Inconvenience of a System Shutdown.
•  The new SuperFreeze Pipe Freezers are easyto-use pipe freezing units that allow the contractor to keep water systems operating while making repairs.
•  The RIDGID SF-2000R and SF-2500R are mini-refrigeration units that circulate selfcontained refrigerant to their aluminum freeze heads.
•  This will form an ice plug in as little as 5 minutes in copper tube up to 1-1/2" and steel pipe up to 1" for the SF-2000R and 2-1/2" and 2" for the SF-2500R.
•  Once the pipe is plugged, repairs can be made with no fear of the ice plug melting because the unit remains on!

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