Ridgid 74978 FlexShaft K9-12 Drain Cleaning Machine

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• (1) Drain Cleaner
• (1) 30' of FlexShaft Cable
• (1) 3mm Hex Key
• (1) 1.5" Single Plain Chain Knocker

• Wall-To-Wall Clean - Chain knocker fully expands inside the pipe reaching wall-to-wall, clears the blockage and restores the pipe to full flow capacity.
• Less Mess & Quick Clean Up - FlexShaft cable is fully enclosed in a flexible yet durable nylon-sheath and fully enclosed in housing for less mess and quick clean up.
• Intuitive Use & Ergonomic Design - Powered by any standard 1800-2500 RPM cordless drill
• Cable Protection System - Built-in clutch design extends cable life to maximize uptime
• Lightweight System - Less than 10lb unit is a clear first choice to tackle slow or blocked drains
• Versatile Storage and Use - Robust design enables machine to be stored vertically and also allows drill to be positioned in multiple orientations during use.
• Adaptable Accessories - Compatible with plain chains, carbide chains, penetrating heads, brushes and more

• Length: 4.83 IN / 122.682 MM
• Width: 12.91 IN / 327.914 MM
• Height: 15.06 IN / 382.524 MM
• Weight: 8 LB / 3.62812 KG
• Min Operating Temperature: -20 F / -28.88889 C
• Max Operating Temperature: 140 F / 60 C
• Color: Gray
• Primary Material: Plastic
• Power Source: Battery Powered
• Handle Type: Normal
• Capacity Min: 1.25 IN / 31.75 MM
• Capacity Max: 2 IN / 50.8 MM

The RIDGID K9-12 is the most compact version of the FlexShaft® Drain Cleaning Machines. The fully enclosed housing contains 30' of FlexShaft cable, encapsulated in nylon sheath for less mess and easy cleanup. The lightweight, portable design is perfect for 1 1/4" - 2" pipes. FlexShaft cable is spun by attaching your cordless drill to the input shaft on the housing. As the cable spins, the chain knocker attached will expand to provide wall-to-wall pipe cleaning. Fast setup and cleanup, quick cleaning, and cordless convenience allow you to restore your pipes to full flow capacity as efficiently as possible.

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