Ridgid 76883 SeeSnake Mini Pro Camera with TruSense Technology

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The RIDGID® SeeSnake® Mini Pro is our newest TruSense-enabled diagnostic inspection reel. With our smallest and most rugged 25 mm digital self-leveling camera and mid-flex push cable, the Mini Pro is designed to navigate hard 90° bends and inspect up to 200 ft. When used with a TruSense-capable monitor, the Mini Pro’s innovative self-leveling technology produces the most stable in-pipe view, without mechanical rotation.

• (1) Camera Reel
• (1) Connection Cable
• (1) Pipe Guide Kit
• (1) Spanner Wrench

• TruSense Technology - When paired with a TruSense enabled monitor, advanced sensors on the camera head convery valuable information about the in-pipe environment including digital self-leveling, high dynamic range, a TiltSense Inclinometer, and digital pan/zoom.
• Digital Self-Leveling - Ultra-smooth digital self-leveling keeps image upright with no moving mechanical parts.
• High Dynamic Range - Offers superior clarity and detail of the in-pipe image displayed on a TruSense enabled monitor.
• TiltSense™ Inclinometer - Provides the degree of tilt of the camera head while in-pipe and displays it on a TruSense enabled monitor.
• Digital Pan & Zoom - Adds the ability to focus on a single point of interest.
• Navigation Flexibility - Equipped with a rugged 25 mm diameter, 0.7 in long camera head and mid-flexibility push cable, this reel is flexible enough to navigate sharp bends while stiff enough to travel long distances in 1 1/2 - 2" lines.
• Traceability - A built-in 512Hz FleXmitter® sonde preserves the flexibility to clear tight runs.

• Color: Gray
• Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
• Shape: Round
• Cord Length: 10'

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